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Yosegi Zaiku Wood Parquetry Buttons

¥ 4,400 JPY (¥ ---- JPY)

Ken Ota's natural wood designs are the ultimate design accent. Using no dyes, these buttons are bright with the natural colors of different tree varieties, each one alive with unique wood grains and hues.  

These patterned designs are statement pieces that will elevate your accessories with rich artistry.


Natural wood, urethane varnish


42 x 9 mm — 34 x 8.5 mm — 30 x 8.5 mm — 27 x 8.5 mm — 24 x 8.5 mm — 18 x 8.5 mm — 15 x 8 mm


Hand wash with mild, non-abrasive soap. Do not microwave or allow to soak in water.


Minimum purchase of three coasters. Patterns are randomly chosen.

Since the material is all natural, there will be slight differences in patterns depending on the wood grain.

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