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Maki-e Pearl Earrings "Asanoha (Hemp Leaf)"

¥ 30,000 JPY (¥ ---- JPY)

This magnificent fusion of Japanese tradition and the classic Western accessory is brought to you by emerging fashion brand KARAFURU. Fresh water pearls are hand painted with striking Japanese patterns in 24k gold paint.

Elegance with edge. Prosperity and good health.

The Asanoha Pattern: Hemp has been grown in Japan since the Jomon period (10,000 B.C.)—well before Rastafarianism took hold. Due to its fast growth, the plant has traditionally symbolized prosperity and good health.


Fresh water pearl - Lacquer paint - 24k gold powder - 10k gold (backing)


11.5 mm (0.45") diameter


Refrain from scratching the earring surface to avoid damaging the gold detail.


This product will be shipped within two to three days of payment confirmation.


Category Accessories Earrings Jewelry Lacquer Maki-e
Material Gold Pearls
Scene Dressing Room

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