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Fusa Yubiwa Rings Original Patterns -Silver

¥ 41,500 JPY (¥ ---- JPY)

Fusa Yubiwa charms, taken from the traditional accessories for the nobles of the Ryukyu Kingdom, are now rearranged by an Okinawan metalwork artisan, Tomoko Kishaba, to fit the lifestyle of today.

A traditional Fusa Yubiwa consists of seven charms, three rings and chains to connect them all together. While successfully replicating seven classic patterns(leaf, fan, butterfly, light, turtle fish and peach) from an actual 100 year-old Fusa Yubiwa piece, Kishaba also came up with an idea to wear the ring as a necklace, by simply putting a string through rings.

Now Available

  • Silver Original Standard 7 (leaf, fan, butterfly, light, turtle fish and peach) approx. 18 grams
  • Comes with wax-coated cotton string for necklace use. String can be replaced with leather cord for extra 500 yen.

Time requirement for shipping

Orders received by the 27th of every month will be shipped sometime after the beginning of the month after next. For example, purchase made on the 15th of March will be shipped sometime after May 1st. Whereas purchase made on the 29th of March will be shipped sometime after June 1st.

Process of creation starts after the order has been placed. Each pieces are made with careful hands of the skilled craftsperson.

Good things come to those who wait!

About Ring Sizes

Ring sizes are in Japanese standard. Please refer to Ring Size Conversion to find out what your ring size is in Japanese unit.

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