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Fusa Yubiwa Charm Earrings – Classic Peach

¥ 5,250 JPY (¥ ---- JPY)

The Classic Peach Charm — "Let us steer clear of evil spirits"

Fusa Yubiwa charms—traditional accessories for Ryukyu Kingdom nobles—reworked by Okinawa metalwork Tomoko Kishaba with modern style.

A traditional Fusa Yubiwa ring includes seven charms, which Kishaba has separated and made into individual earrings.


Charm: Brass or silver
Hardware: Silver


2 - 4 cm (top of earring to bottom of charm)


Orders received by the 6th of every month (JST) will be shipped before the 6th of the following month. For example, any orders placed during the period of December 7th to January 6th will be shipped by sometime around February 6th. This product will be shipped within two to three days of payment confirmation.


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