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Woven Bamboo Ring – Various colors

¥ 6,600 JPY (¥ ---- JPY)

Delicately woven bamboo ring to embellish your look. Comes in six different naturally dyed colors. Flexible and strong white bamboo is a fast-growing and sustainably material.


Bamboo, Wisteria Vine, Natural Dye, Cashew Lacquer (a natural, non-irritating Urushi lacquer made from cashew shells)


Japanese ring sizes 9 – 16

Use the International Ring Size Conversion Chart to identify your size.


For minor stains, wipe with moist cloth.
For major stains, rinse gently under running water. Air dry indoors. Do not allow bamboo to remain wet.
When storing, avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.
Strong impact may cause damage. Please handle with care and avoid excessive bending.
Remove when bathing or washing dishes.


Category Accessories Basketry Rings
Material Bamboo
Scene Dressing Room

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