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What we do

monomo is a marketplace and storyteller focused on bringing unique, Japanese artisan handicrafts into our everyday experiences.  As a storyteller, monomo brings to life our artisans, sharing the hidden influences of their personal and craft traditions.

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monomo also offers collaborative matchmaking and tour services, serving as a bridge for production collaboration between traditional Japanese artisans and international creators. With access to over 100 artisanal studios throughout Japan, a wide variety of Japanese techniques and traditions are available.

What we believe

We believe in the stories and artisanship that give our products value beyond their material function, and which inspire a deeper appreciation for the everyday objects around us.

Our artisans form the heart of monomo, and focusing on them helps us in a global effort to shift away from disposability and toward objects of quality, artistry, and meaning.

Who we are

Sachiko Matsuyama Founder / President

A message from Sachiko 

Sachiko Matsuyama founded monomo in January 2014 with a wish to share Japan’s rich handicraft design and culture with the global community. She is deeply motivated by her desire to inspire more authentic living and foster a deeper appreciation for the everyday. Sachiko travels throughout Japan meeting master artisans whose work is grounded in a connection to nature and the fertile traditions of their craft. She looks for the special stories behind each monomo product, so that each brings a value that can never be matched by mass produced consumer goods.


Christina Velasco Communications Editor

Christina supports monomo with its marketing efforts, working closely with Sachi to set the positioning, tone, and aesthetic of the brand both online and offline. She manages content creation and editing along with monomo’s overall brand strategy. Christina spent the first part of her career in the legal field before moving into business development and content editing. She has a deep appreciation for the unique, handmade items in her home that have been passed through the generations, as well as special items found while traveling around the world. She lives near San Francisco in Northern California and adores the natural beauty of the wild mountains of the western United States.

Jessy LeClairPublic Relations Coordinator

Jessy collaborates with monomo on public relations and promotion. She assists with market research, visiting and interviewing artisans, networking in Japan and abroad, and video production. Jessy joined monomo following her passion for Japanese culture and language. She has made over seven trips to Japan, including a year as a Fulbright Fellow at Kyoto University. Jessy respects the devotion of craftsmen who help preserve history through sustaining and refining generations of tradition. In her spare time, she can be found buying fresh vegetables at the farmer's market to try in new recipes.