Here they are. Freshwater pearl earrings decorated with traditional Japanese patterns in 24k gold powder.

Since 800 AD, skilled Japanese artisans have been using the maki-e lacquer technique on a wide range of decorative objects. Today, the Tokyo-based fashion brand Karafuru is updating this tradition with a gorgeous lineup of handcrafted pearl earrings.

Wonderful for both casual and formal occasions, these unique earrings combine aspirational materials that have been celebrated in both the West and the East for centuries.

KARAFURU: Brand adapts traditions to suit the modern consumer
The mastermind behind this intriguing marriage of European accessories and Japanese decoration is the Tokyo-based fashion brand KARAFURU. Led by Yuki Kuroda, KARAFURU aspires to maintain craft traditions by adapting them to current consumer needs and lifestyles.

monomo is excited and honored to support KARAFURU by becoming the first venue to offer their products globally.

KARAFURU offers four unique maki-e patterns. Each is based on an ancient traditional symbol.

Floral check pattern: Resembling a latticed window, repeated squares are joined by flower imagery. Flowers have long been symbolic of fertility in Japanese culture.
Maki-e Pearl Earrings - Floral Checks

Chrysanthemum pattern: The chrysanthemum’s radiating petals are associated with sunshine. The vitality of this imagery has come to symbolize both longevity and good health.

Scale pattern: The repeated triangles within this pattern resemble the scales of snakes or dragons. Considering that these creatures are known to shed their skin as they grow, this pattern has come to symbolize renewal and metamorphosis.

Hemp leaf pattern: Hemp has been grown in Japan since the Jomon period (10,000 B.C.) – well before Rastafarianism took hold. Due to it’s quick growth, the plant has traditionally symbolized prosperity and good health.

Both pearls and gold are highly valued within Japanese culture. While gold represents eternity, pearls have come to symbolize both energy and fertility. In other words, each pair of KARAFURU maki-e earrings bestows many good vibes on the person who wears them. Get yours while they last.