A flower made of bamboo. The way this bamboo basket stands in elegant appearance, you cannot help but calling it so. Astonishingly elaborate patterns interwoven with numerous geometrical shapes are nothing short of breathtaking. Thin strips of bamboo used to create the patterns on the basket could get as slim as a millimeter in their diameters. However, the strong fibers assure the durability that you could not have imagined from their look. The strength hidden inside the delicacy: this could be the quality that attracts us.

The entire process of creation is executed by one craftsperson. Bamboo strips of different thinness are soaked in water, in order to achieve flexibility. Then she weaves them strip by strip, measuring each to millimeters unit. Unless the refinement is kept at the same level in all process, the finished product will not be able to achieve the perfect shape. Each works are produced attentively in a time free from any worldly thoughts, just like the moment of “nothingness” attained in the Zen practice.

These bamboo baskets are given birth from the flexibility of the material as well as the dedication and technique of the craftsperson. Its simple, modest yet firm beauty is similar to that of a flower blooming somewhere, unnoticed but equally beautiful.