SIONE - Showko Kawahara Ceramic , Porcelain Kyoto , Saga


The director, Showko Kawahara was born in Kyoto. Her family was a tea bowl pottery, “Makuzu-yaki” for the past six generations. After being trained in Arita-yaki in Saga prefecture, Kawahara started out as a porcelain tile-painting artist and began producing porcelain tile paintings in her own unique style at her studio named “SpringShow Studio” in 2005. Thereafter, Kawahara practiced mainly two-dimensional composition designs as a graphic designer, and along with her experience in other professions, Kawahara started to pursue the potentialities of vessels. In November, 2009, Kawahara, as a ceramics designer, established a brand of vessels and named it “sione.” Focusing on the joy and excitement hidden in the everyday-life and space, Kawahara suggests the culture of Motenashi (hospitality) that suits the lifestyle of today, through production of porcelain tile paintings, designing vessels and tea parties. She also participates in many exhibitions both domestic and international, including Milano Salone.

Signature style

Bringing the extraordinary into everyday life